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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review

Let me start out by clarifying my stance towards the Star Wars franchise.  It’s fun.  Diehard, I am not.  Avid enthusiast , I am not.  But I enjoy the movies, (the original trilogy more than the prequels) and some of the video games such as Knights of the old Republic.

That being said, I was reasonably clear-headed when I heard that a new Star Wars movie was coming out nearly six years ago.  And it was going to be a cartoon?!  The idiots.

Years passed, during which my family somehow acquired Netflix, allowing us to watch movies and TV shows online.  (Seriously though, if you don’t know what Netflix is, what are you doing reading online blogs?)  And just this last March, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, movie, TV show and all, became available for instant streaming via Netflix.

Once again, it may have passed unnoticed by myself if I hadn’t have had my wisdom teeth removed last week.  However, because of the surgery I had ample time to writhe in pain, gnash my remaining teeth and watch TV.  For some odd reason, I ended up watching The Clone Wars.

Clone_Troopers_kaminoAt first, I was kind of entertained, but unimpressed.  It was fun at times, with episodes such as “Rookies” or “Lair of Grievous” being very enjoyable, but it also had too many moments of “Ugh!”.  The animation was good looking, as long as it kept to droids and action sequences (these always being small, pitting an army of ten battle droids versus a “huge” battalion of five clones).  However, facial animation was rotten, the dialogue was worse, and the voice acting was noticeably less than par, albeit with a few exceptions.

Then I moved on to season two.  And it got better.  Then I moved on to season three.  And it started to get good.  Then in season four, it was good.  By season five, I pretty impressed by what the creators of this show were able to accomplish onscreen.

Sparkling animation that would look beautiful on any big screen, story lines that involved, surprised and delighted anyone with a hint of Star Wars geek in them, and direction that made 20 minute episodes fly by in a few seconds.  Battles became larger, lightsaber duels cooler, and small steps that added up to overwhelming detail abounded in most environments.  This season also includes the coolest looking explosion in Star Wars history, bar none.

Any of the major lightsaber battles of the last two seasons are much, much more entertaining than the ones in the original Star Wars movies.

Perhaps that is why I liked this show, even more than any other reason.  With each season, the creators attempted to do better in every respect, and they succeeded.   By the time I reached the end of the series, it was hard to believe that I was not watching animated cinema, but a TV show created for kids.

But then again, it never tried to be a kids TV show, except maybe some in the first season.  And while that decision brought about overwhelming excellence, it came at a price.

Clone Trooper Season 4

There is a dark side to everything Star Wars, (except maybe Jar Jar Binks) and it does not hesitate to show itself here.  Stomach clenching moments in the later seasons abound, not lessened by the fact it’s animated, but the opposite.  Face it, (pun) you don’t expect to see disembodied heads rolling around on a cartoon show.

Season 4 is especially noteworthy.  People are blown into blood clouds underwater, heads are ripped off, men are squashed, shot, decapitated, dismembered, electrocuted, blasted apart, eaten, incinerated, and killed in ways innumerable.  More than a few battle sequences would be easily rated PG-13 if in a live action movie, and at least one even if it was in an animated film.  Season 5 and 6 do attempt to down the darkness, but it is still present.

Overall, it is immensely enjoyable for any age that doesn’t dislike Star Wars or cartoons, or feel that the combination is faulty in and of itself.  And if you choose to watch it, do so in order.  Not only do most episodes run in story arcs, but I do not doubt at all that the later season seem so excellent largely because of how low it started.


Absolutely Nothing

My fervent readers (a.k.a. Mom) know that I attempt to construct at least two blogs posts per week.  However, due to an astoundingly deep and twisted eighty page paper on Hamlet due for school, I really have nothing to say.  (This opening paragraph is about to become obsolete.)

Funny isn’t it how things that seem so important at the moment tend to dissipate before hardly any time at all.  Toys received with joy by small children are often within a week destroyed, or video games o sought by their older siblings end up being just another bit of junk, instead of the awesomeness their imagination said it would be.

That’s true not only for kids but adults.  Everything is more desirable if you can’t have it, but once you do, you wonder why you wanted it in the first place.  Frankly, this definitely seems to be due to greed, but it also stems from the lovely world of imagination.

When I was a kid, to hear all these high school students talk about Lord of the Rings and Star Wars (amazing how nerds can work those sagas into every conversation) made those franchises seem simply amazing.  More than anything, I wanted to watch them so that my visions of grandeur could finally be realized in front of my eyes.

The whole topic of denying yourself so that when you do receive something it’s all that more amazing could fill an entire book, but I’m going to try to ignore it in this improvised post.  When I first watched Star Wars, needless to say, to my mind it was spectacular, completely unlike what I had imagined, and yet not as grand.  (Lord of the Rings on the other hand still amazes me every time.  Love those films.)

Now, I don’t regard the Episodes 1&2 as being all that great in the first place.  Once that barrier that was holding me back from watching them had been removed, the desire to watch them dissipated substantially.  (Which reminds me: never use a big word when a diminutive one will suffice.)

Undoubtedly, this phenomenon is partly due to humanity’s fickle nature, but also it is due to our active, incredible imaginations.  Hmm.  I honestly didn’t mean to write anything, but this kind of fell out of my brain you might say.  So in that case, sorry and you’re welcome. 🙂

5 Things I Want to See in Star Wars Ep. 7

I know what you’re thinking…”You’re blogging about Ep. 7 already? What kind of a geek untitledare you?!”

But seriously (kind of) aren’t you looking forward to this event as well. I mean, this is STAR WARS we’re talking about. It hasn’t hit the big screen for nearly ten years, and for a long time it looked like it never would again.

But then the all-powerful Disney had to come in and purchase Lucas Arts. (I hear that they’re re-releasing the first six films as musicals. Click here to see the trailer!) And so once again we will be treated to this saga that so much potential, and I will finally be able to see one in theatres!

Enough talk. Here are some things that I would dearly love to see in the upcoming Star Wars Ep. 7!

untitled1. A Jedi throw a lightsaber and use the Force to bring it back.

It’s in practically every video game, the rotating lightsaber slashing off the heads of foes and then whirling back into the Jedi’s hand. But we’ve never seen it in a movie!

2. Han Solo.untitled

Okay, seriously, how could I not include him. I realize Harrison Ford isn’t quite as lively as he used to be, but a mere cameo appearance would suit me just fine.

untitled3. A Wookie tear the arm off of something.

This may sound a little violent, but the sheer power of Wookies is always taken pretty lightly, except during the attack on Kashyyyk. Honestly, I think it could be pretty awesome.

4. Qui-Gon Jin’s Force Ghost.

Qui-Gon Jin is easily my favorite character that Liam Neeson has played and the fact that he wasn’t able to make such a cameo appearance in Ep. 3 should as least put this rather bizarre request into at least the realm of possibility.

But most of all, I want to see…untitled

5. A Spectacular Movie!

A film worthy to raise its head among the greats. Visuals beautiful and terrifying, characters that are rich, lovable (and despicable), plots well enough written to put the prequel trilogy to shame, and that goofy charisma that made the original trilogy so much fun! I know I’m asking for a lot, but I think they can do it. If you haven’t figured it out yet, basically all I want is the greatest Star Wars movie yet!